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What is a Mother Agent?

  • As the name implies, a Mother Agent's role is to guide, promote and oversee, in a professional capacity, a model's career.  She is like a Guardian Angel with industry connections, seeking to promote the model as they aspire toward their career goals.  
  • A Mother Agent scouts for new faces and develops those whom she represents with the goal of having her girls signed by respected agencies and realizing successful modeling careers.  
  • To be successful in this endeavor, EWH Management, LLC takes a serious approach in the development stage, discussing diet, body image, exercise, professional conduct, and the basics of movement and emoting for photoshoots to yield the strongest portfolios.
  • A Mother Agent also performs other services behind-the-scenes, such as promotion of the model to the various agencies, contract review, and some logistical aspects of preparation.
  • A Mother Agent works for the model.  With the help of EWH Management, LLC, we will hone your skills, improve your marketability, and create the opportunities to be signed by professional agencies. 


To be successful, a Model can often be placed with various agencies in various markets and travel as necessary.  Your Mother Agent is there to look out for your interests and help keep things organized and running smoothly with your agencies.

How is a Mother Agent paid?

A Mother Agent works for the Model on a commission basis.  The Mother Agent serves as a representative of the Model and at the same time a Model is signed with an agency, the Mother Agent enters into an agreement with that agency to earn her commission.  Agencies typically earn a 20% commission fee from the Models' earnings.  The Mother Agent's agreement with the agency typically affords her half of the agency's commission fee, or 10%.  Some Mother Agents charge a development fee for those just starting out in the industry as opposed to those models who are somewhat experienced.


Following are a few of the services a model will enjoy by having a Mother Agent:

  1. Development of you as a Model.
  2. Development of your portfolio through photoshoot suggestions, etc..
  3. Arrangement of otherwise unattainable introductions to various agencies and influential people in the modeling market.
  4. Promotion of you to the various agencies.
  5. Works with your agencies to maintain your desired career goals.
  6. Maintains an open line of communication with you to answer questions, provide guidance and offer support.


A Mother Agent cannot guarantee that you will find an agency as sometimes the belief the Mother Agent has in a girl is not always shared by others.  You can be guaranteed that if a Mother Agent signs you, she believes in you and will work hard to get you placed with the right agencies. 

What makes EWH THE BEST Mother Agent for me?

Ellen, the founder of EWH Management, LLC, previously founded and operated MMA (Model Management Agency) for many years.  She has managed hundreds of models across worldwide markets.  She is on a first name basis with many of the top agencies in NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, and abroad.  Her experience as an agency director gives her the unique insight from the agency's perspective and that makes all the difference scouting and developing new faces.  The entire reason Ellen has created EWH was to realize a much more intimate and focused relationship with the girls she represents.  The premise is quality over quantity.  She only handles exclusive representations to insure that she can always provide the one-on-one attention that her girls deserve and whose achievements give her such joy.